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I feel like I flew across the Atlantic to meet up with a group of old friends I’d never met. Your energy and magnetism made this happen. I am eternally grateful.

Mai Jacobs, teacher, Beacon, New York.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ireland Writing Retreat participants for a Q & A session on my memoir ‘Watching the Daisies.’ Questions included an eclectic range of topics including my writing and self-publishing experiences and Donegal's wealth of legends on the fairy folk. My own writing muse left Teac Jack much inspired by the group's creativity.

Author/Memoirist Brigid P. Gallagher, Sterling, Scotland.

Ireland Writing Retreat in Donegal offers a unique combination of gentle writing exercises, assignments and professional guidance along with guided tours of some of the most stunning scenery that Ireland has to offer and an authentic insight into the Irish language, music, culture and history of the north-west corner of the country. Ideal for those who are looking to develop their writing practice, meet like-minded souls, and take inspiration from this beautiful part of the world.

Bernie McGill, author, Derry, Northern Ireland.

This writing retreat provided much more than a safe and enjoyable place for writers to share their talents and abilities. It also offered rich, intriguing tours of a beautiful district near the sea in Donegal, plus an introduction to the Gaelic language, a history of the area, and much more. These are kind, generous people who go the extra mile for their guests. I’m beginning to feel that Donegal is my second home.

Holly Johnson, playwright and former arts writer, Portland, Oregon.

This week was rich with local stories, informative and inspiring workshops with authors, interesting visits to traditional local sites, gorgeous landscapes, sunsets, songs and music. The people of Donegal are wonderful hosts including Sean and Columbia who welcomed us and co-ordinated and tutored a fabulous programme of events.  We were challenged to write every day and to discuss our writing with the other attendees. By the end of the week, we were sad to farewell the friends with whom we’d spent time and from whom we’d learned so much. Thank you, Sean and Columbia. It was all amazing.

Bridget Davidson, teacher, Dunedin, New Zealand.

For the last few years, I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and sense of purpose and fun at this innovative retreat in west Donegal and this year was no exception. How could it be otherwise when interested, intelligent, creative people are gathered together in such a wondrous and inspiring part of Ireland.

Mark Gregory, forensic editor, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

“Having not been to a writing retreat before, I arrived [at the Black Sea Writing Retreat] without expectations, yet the week has been amazing. The writing integrates with cultural and historical excursions culminating in a memorable experience. All in all, I laughed, wrote, absorbed and learned. I would highly recommend.

Barbara Hopper, Seattle

“This [at the Black Sea Writing Retreatwas my second time at a workshop run by the Ireland Writing Retreat and I am already planning a return. All speakers are published and yet relatable, willing to dig in and help individuals with their projects. The cultural program gave a wonderful orientation to a beautiful place."

Mary Holt, Michigan

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