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What happens during the week...

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Crime, mystery, women's fiction, magic realism, fantasy, travel, memoir, poetry and creative non-fiction, 'Ireland Writing Retreat' has attracted successful authors in these genres to teach those wishing to learn the challenging craft of good writing. 


These award-winning authors accomplish their task not through general lectures on theories of writing and editing that can be easily read in one of the many garden variety ‘Guide-to-Writing’ books, but through practical, hands-on teaching techniques including individual critiques of participant's own work completed before and during our week-long writing retreats. 


Not only, these authors also share specific details about their own professional experiences (including failures) in the tough world of publishing and book marketing. In so doing, they provide invaluable lessons on how participants can overcome many of the common difficulties they will probably face before succeeding in having their short stories, novels, poetry and memoirs see the light of day in print. 

For example, on a boat ride and guided walk on the beautiful island of Gola, linked to the Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island' and to the sinking of the Spanish Armada, participants will be asked to write about their experiences during the trip, whether in a fiction or creative non-fiction format.


Or, helping to develop the key skill of describing characters in a story, participants may be asked to pen a profile of a guest singer-songwriter, who is invited to talk about his or her career, how ideas for music lyrics originate and then perform a private concert.


As place and setting are so important in fine writing, participants may be asked to include such details in an assignment after a visit to the oldest human settlement in Europe (at the Black Sea Writing Retreat) or following a conversation with a Paris writer in her/his historic city apartment.


Participants are given bountiful time to complete their assignments, which are then critiqued by guest authors and trainers in class. Adding to the sense of camaraderie and with an eye to publishing being a team effort by editors and writers, participants discuss each creative piece in a trusting, friendly environment. 


In addition, a separate workshop is designated for participants share a sample of their work in progress and receive feedback during such session.

“It was more than I hoped for. The ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ gave me perspectives on Ireland and creative writing that I didn’t have before I arrived. Beginning with the wonderful location – the quaint, boutique hotel ‘Teac Jack’ facing the islands - excellent guest speakers, one-on-one feedback, varied writing exercises and the chance to experience local culture, landscape, and history, every aspect of the retreat was well worth my trans-Atlantic journey. I’m grateful for the insight, inspiration, and support I received, as well as new friends and a new home-away-from-home in Donegal. If only everyone’s first time in Ireland could be so terrific.”

Shannon Manning, Vice-President, Advocate Engagement, Washington DC and retreat participant

Joining ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ means you will leave enriched in the following ways:



You will be part of a trusting environment, with others supporting you to strengthen your confidence, vital for better writing. 


Creative Process


You will receive close guidance in various stages of your creative process, from generating ideas, drafting a plan, first drafts, revision and editing, with constant feedback throughout the week. 




You will learn about strategies that will help you widen your imagination and senses, develop your observational skills and apply these techniques  to perfect your writing skills.


Cultural Experience 

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