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For more hands-on, personal tuition, please note that only ten participants are accepted on each week-long course.


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Black Sea Writing Retreat 2021

Black Sea writing week takes place during August 23rd to 29th, 2021.



Autumn Writing Retreat 2021

Autumn writing week takes place during September 20th to 26th 2021.


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Writing Retreat 2021

Paris writing week takes place during October 18th to 24th, 2021.


“I came to the 'Ireland Writing Retreat' for inspiration and to become immersed in Irish culture. The experience was more than I hoped for. I'm leaving with the start of three new stories set in Donegal and new friends from three continents. It has enriched my writing and my life.” 


Laurie Wagner, Director of Development, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Denver, Colorado

"I would never have believed that an eight-hour, two-day, virtual writing retreat could accomplish so much! The balance between presentations and workshops was perfect, offering us the opportunity to hear from published writers and to practice our own writing and respond to others' writing. The feedback from professionals was exceptionally helpful, and the interaction among leaders and participants created a strong sense of a writing community--remarkable in such a short period of time and in a virtual setting. This retreat has inspired me to continue working on my memoir, and to enroll in an on-site retreat in the near future. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."


Kathleen Shine Cain, Ph.D. Professor Emerita, participant in

the Virtual Writing Retreat