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For more hands-on, personal tuition, please note that only ten participants are accepted on each week-long course.


Travel Writing Retreat 2021

May 02, 2021

Travel writing week takes place during May 3rd to 9th, 2021.

Summer Writing Retreat Session 2021

June 20, 2021

Summer writing week takes place during June 21st to 27th, 2021.

Autumn Writing Retreat Session 2021

September 19, 2021

Autumn writing week takes place during September 20th to 26th 2021.

Paris Writing Retreat Session 2021

October 17, 2021

Paris writing week takes place during October 18th to 24th, 2021.

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"It was simply wonderful, not just the writing and editing workshops where the authors were interesting, unassuming and generous in their sharing but the entire overall experience. With so many activities, from dance and music to island and hill walks with experts on Celtic mythology, the week was a truly enriching one."

Jane Gilgun, Professor, Ph.D., Syracuse University, US and retreat participant