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Add Magic To Your Writing

Watch this 7-minute video.

Then take a deep, relaxing breath.

Why? Because as writers, whether novices just starting out or experienced best-selling authors, we’re all in the same boat.

We all make mistakes, we all hit brick walls when the words just won’t flow, we all reach dead ends from which we think there’s no way out.

That’s why editing is soooooo important.

That’s why it’s good to have someone you trust look over what you have written, ask questions, make suggestions, shine a light to guide the way out of tricky character and plot situations.

Picture a white-coated pathologist in a lab scrutinising a body in micro detail. That’s what a good forensic editor does. Examines minutely.

Believe me, each of my books has been read and edited by a series of skilful wordsmiths. This, in addition to my constant rewrites, of scenes, pages, chapters even. And if I go back now and re-read those books, I’m sure I’ll find better words to express some ideas and images. 

I say this to encourage you to keep going.

To assure you that people like me, working with words for more than thirty years as journalist, editor, publisher and author, are eager and ready to accompany you on your literary journey.

Supporting you on that journey even more, we are introducing a Summer Offer exclusive to Friends of Ireland Writing Retreat.

Before making your decision, please take a moment to read some of the kind messages I received already from writers who had their works critiqued by me over the last month.

Sean Hillen, Lead Tutor, Ireland Writing Retreat

Become a Friend of the Ireland Writing Retreat to have access to this exclusive Summer Offer.

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