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Hypnosis Unlocks Creative Magic

Let’s be perfectly honest.

We’ve probably all faced it.

And we’ve managed to overcome it.

Until it returns.


And again.

And yet again.

Writers’ block.

Our worst living nightmare.

Just when you have that brilliant idea.

The intriguing novel, the endearing memoir, the terrific short-story.

Destined for greatness.

Top of the New York Times best-seller list.

Six-figure advance.

Movie options galore.

Only one small problem.

You can’t find the right words.

In fact, you can’t find ANY words.

Knowing a blank page is no publisher’s dream.

You go into action.

You open the cupboard.

Spy a packet of your favorite biscuits.

The ones with the delicious chocolate coating.

And the crunchy insides.

And it actually speaks to you.

It says, “Hi there, welcome, we’ve been waiting for you.”

So out of common courtesy, you open it.

And take one.

Nibble. Nibble.

Bite. Bite.

Soooooo yummmmmy!

You take a second.

Avoiding discrimination, another.

And another.


You return to your desk.

Make yourself comfortable.

Adjust your chair.

Lean forward, back straight.

Ready, set…

….but no go.

The page stares back.



Still blank.

Blankety blank.

That’s where Maggie McKinney, founder of Donegal Hypnotherapy, comes in.

She will be a guest speaker at this month's Ireland Writing Retreat, which has received critical acclaim, including being named among the top 10 Artistic Retreats in all of Europe.

A well-respected hypnotherapist, Maggie will add yet another notch of innovative prowess to our week-long events.

During a very special workshop at Autumn Writing Retreat, Maggie will help unleash true creativity hidden within your subconscious, increase your focus and help you enter that amazing mental state known as 'flow.'

In doing so, she will help you lower anxiety, deal with negative self-talk, provide motivation to stop procrastinating and build your self-confidence.

Welcome to our first ‘Creative Writing Hypnosis’ workshop. We have only ONE place LEFT, so click this button now: REGISTER

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