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Meditation & hypnotherapy to awaken creativity at the Black Sea Writing Retreat

Not only sunshine, sandy beaches and fascinating excursions to historic places in both Romania and Bulgaria, but our creative writing retreat in August/September on the Black Sea coast will also feature another tantalising dimension – an experienced hypnotherapist providing guidance and meditation classes to help release the Muse within.

Maggie McKinney, founder of Donegal Hypnotherapy, has confirmed she will host special workshops throughout the retreat to help participants overcome writer's block, increase their powers of concentration and unleash latent creativity. She will also help participants overcome negative self-talk, avoid procrastination and build renewed self-confidence.

A well-respected hypnotherapist, Maggie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology and is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist trained to the highest standard with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy Ireland (ICHI). She has a background in Yoga teaching, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Level 3 and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).

Maggie has been assisting a wide range of people deal with challenges of all kinds, including addictions, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, weight loss, smoking and much more.

Hypnotherapy is a solution based therapy and it is extremely powerful at removing inappropriate fears and emotions while erasing bad habits,” said Maggie. “It gives people back control, releasing them from limiting beliefs. Unlike other therapies which can take months, even years with little or no success, hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate within a matter of weeks and once this change takes place, it can be permanent.

Our previous Black Sea retreat attracted participants from countries as diverse as Australia, France, Canada, the US, Ireland and England and from different walks of life, including IT, medicine, social services and teaching, and we are expecting this year an even more international gathering of like-minded people interested in reading, writing and the creative process.

Such is the lovely weather in August/September in the region, many of the workshops will take place in a relaxing ambience, an open garden terrace under grapevines in a tranquil village within easy walking distance of the beach, adding a touch of exoticism to the retreat.

Refreshing morning swims, leisurely strolls along the coast, museum visits, enjoyable traditional Romanian music and dance performances and interesting excursions to a captivating archaeological site that is home to one of the most ancient civilisations in Europe dating back more than 5,000 years and a guided countryside walk through a rustic Tatar village all combine with ‘cocktail and conversation’ evenings on the beach (including glasses of home-brewed palinka) to create a wonderful week to remember.

The retreat’s first-day welcome includes a ‘Magical Mystery Evening’ with traditional Romanian foods and complimentary drinks alfresco.

Ireland Writing Retreat has received critical acclaim for its high level of quality, including being named among the top 10 Artistic Retreats in Europe.

Below are comments from some participants to our previous Black Sea retreat -

It was truly dramatic to see history up-close and learn so much about writing techniques while relaxing in such an inspiring setting. And we were so lucky. Archaeologists were on-site excavating the ruins and stopped their work to explain to us at length about the dig itself, then let us climb inside the tomb and, in effect, travel back in time. To witness finger-prints and medieval drawings thousands of years old on the inner walls was thrilling.”

Amber Wilcox O’Hearn, Newfoundland, Canada.

Having not been to a creative writing retreat before, I arrived without expectations, yet the week was amazing. The writing workshops combined so well with cultural and historical excursions, culminating in a memorable experience. All in all, I laughed, wrote, absorbed and learned. I would highly recommend coming to this retreat.

Barbara Hopper, IT specialist, Seattle, USA

This was my second time at a workshop run by Ireland Writing Retreat and I am already planning a return. All speakers are published and yet relatable, willing to dig in and help individuals with their projects. The cultural program gave a wonderful orientation to a beautiful place."

Mary Holt, Michigan, USA

A wonderful week of learning more about writing and about Romania and Bulgaria. Accommodation was comfortable and well-located in a quiet setting. Everyone was so helpful. A most memorable time.”

Deborah Southwell, Brisbane, Australia

The retreat provided a great combination of trips to fascinating places and opportunities to write and learn, with each excursion representing a chance to write stories and have our work critiqued first-hand there and then.

Doctor Jeff Holt, Michigan, USA

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