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Explore the world through travel writing

Over the last five years I have saved around 30,000 euro on travel, dining and entertainment costs - every single year.

That’s a massive 150,000 euro saving.

During that time, I have enjoyed destinations as varied as Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Denver and Salt Lake City in the US to Vienna, Geneva, Rome, Berlin and Dublin in Europe, not to mention Jaipur in India, Marrakech in Morocco and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

And I’m not talking about shoestring travel.

I’m talking about luxury stays in four and five star hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, in Madrid, the Shangri-La Hotel Paris and the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, gourmet Michelin-style meals, spa treatments, wine-tastings and culinary classes led by top chefs.

As well as free entertainment, ranging from top shows in London’s West End, theatres and concerts a short walk from Manhattan’s Times Square to colorful cabaret acts in the heart of Paris.

How? You may ask. As well you should, specially if you like to see the world and all it has to offer at very little cost, if any.

At this year’s travel writing retreat organised by ‘Ireland Writing Retreat.

I will be delighted to tell you how I have done this and how you can do it too. Chosen by well-respected British national newspaper, `The Guardian,’ among the Top Ten creative retreats of any kind in Europe, ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ has developed a special week in May devoted to teaching participants how to travel the world, for free.

Strictly limited to ten participants only, due to the personal hands-on nature of the workshops, I will also work closely with you to help polish your travel writing skills, offer practical photographic tips on how best to illustrate your articles to attract more editors and win better placement in magazines and newspapers, as well as guide you on starting your own successful travel blog.

Based on special excursions and activities throughout the week such as traditional food and drinks tasting in a hundred-year-old thatched cottage overlooking the famous ‘Wild Atlantic Way’; an excursion and guided tour to an Irish castle and national park, as well as a ferry-boat trip to an off-shore island that was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic adventure tale, ’Treasure Island,’ not to mention live music concerts, participants will enjoy diverse writing assignments.

These assignments will then be discussed and analysed in a friendly, positive environment with the Four Cs uppermost in mind: Cultural Enrichment, Confidence Building, Creative Processing and Craft Enhancement.

Below are just some examples of destinations I have enjoyed which you could do so also, this year and for years afterwards:

Looking forward to meeting you in May at the Travel Writing Retreat.

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