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Bradley Harper

Meet Bradley Harper  is a poet, short story writer, essayist and novelist, who has landed a two-book deal with Seventh Street Books, part of Prometheus Books, which resides within the Penguin Random House umbrella.

Bradley, a former professor, also writes a recurring series of articles on forensics for the Sisters in Crime (Guppy Chapter) writers’ organization.

Bradley’s novel entitled ‘A Knife in the Fog: A Mystery Featuring Margaret Harkness and Arthur Conan Doyle’ set in late 19th century England was launched in October 2018.

Bradley, part Scot, part Cherokee, coined the catchphrase ‘Plot is what happens. Story is why you care’ and he was happy to explain exactly what he means by that at one of the Ireland Writing Retreat week-long sessions.


Interestingly, one of Bradley’s heroines is Margaret Harkness, (1854-1923), a journalist, social and political activist, fiction writer and traveler.

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