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Kenneth Gregory

Fantasy novelist and mythologist, perhaps Ireland’s answer to the R.A. Salvatore/Robert Jordan/ Marion Zimmer Bradley combo.


His debut novel ‘The Polaris Whisper,’ the first in a trilogy, was published by Blackstaff Press. Negotiations are underway for his novel to be turned into a television series with a movie option. His second novel in the series is ‘The Poison of Newgrange.’ The third, a modern-day thriller, has the working title of ‘Brinlack,’ a village beside Bloody Foreland in west Donegal. ‘Shahryár’s Heir: A Prince among Thieves’ is his first fantasy novel in a re-invention of the Arabian Nights’ stories.


“Fantasy is a well-celebrated genre of writing and has been for many generations, even Tolkien used Celtic mythology for his ‘Lord of the Rings’ stories,” said Kenneth. “In my work I fuse historical fact with fiction.”

On writing, Kenneth says, “Planning a book is like starting on a journey and the writing can be like pulling teeth at times, but ultimately extremely satisfying. I love looking at a white page and not making it a white page.”

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