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And The Winners Are…

Probably this was the toughest competition to judge of all our ‘Wild Atlantic Writing Awards’ so far.

One judge explained, “Leaving the theme open-ended with just one condition - a three-word headline - meant writers could focus on subject material they liked most, that were closest to their emotions, reflecting their state-of-mind, ones that fused heart and head. Often in such situations, the very best of creativity emerges. In the end, the reader wins.

So true in so many respects.

Yet, of course, in this case, winning writers had to be chosen.

But, my, oh may, was that ever so difficult.

Entries poured in from many countries - Spain, France, Ireland, Canada, England, the US, Scotland, Australia, India, New Zealand, Germany, Indonesia.

Topics were so refreshingly diverse, from murder to love to loneliness.

And there were so many different perspectives - a dog in a shelter, a mother alone with her dying daughter, a hired killer, a mermaid fearful of water, a mischievous snake toying with humans, ghosts frozen in time.

Reflecting the ever-growing popularity of our ‘Wild Atlantic Writing Awards’ competition, entries were a mix of both new and repeat writers, with the majority being ‘first-timers.’

Important to note, the fact that five of the ten finalists were previous finalists owes much to that all-important key ingredient every writer must hone and master, one that often can be elusive - perseverance.

Congratulations to all finalists in flash fiction
and creative non fiction categories:

Flash Fiction Finalists in alphabetical order: Charlene Cason for ‘Lindy’s Last Stand,’ Kevin Cheeseman for ‘The Biology Lesson,’ Christine Colliar for ‘Time Runs Out,’ Robin Densmore Fuson for ‘Smell the Prey,Eve Elliot for ‘Quick and Painless,’ Vanessa Horn for ‘Share the Vision,’ Deborah Mackie for ‘Today’s the Day,’ Roisin O’Gribin for ‘When Caruso Sings,’ Julie Shackman for ‘Live For Today,’ and Veronica Shreve for ‘Trash, Chemicals, Oil.’

Creative Non-fiction Finalists in alphabetical order: Celia Chandler for ‘Life with Jack,’ Wendy Ennis for ‘She Had Me,’ Aideen Glynn for ‘Untying the Bracelets,’ Elaina Gonzales for ‘Still Bleeding Hope,’ Sinead Keegan for ‘In the Aftermath,’ Suzy Malseed for ‘Choose Your Reality,Abby McNab Crain for ‘Good Title Lifestyle,Cynthia Neale for ‘My Friend Crumpy,Maria O’Rourke for ‘The Fisherman’s Cap,’ and Jacquie Palmer for ‘Fading Midsummer Embers.’


...the winners of the fourth edition of Wild Atlantic Writing Awards are...

Vanessa Horn

for her flash fiction story

‘Share the Vision’


Jacquie Palmer

for her creative non-fiction story

‘Fading Midsummer Embers’

Many congratulations and we will publish the winning stories and the finalist ones on our News portal in the coming weeks.

Remember to check out our 2022 writing retreats. Registration for the Spring Writing Retreat taking place in the French Pyréneés-Orientales will close on Saturday January 15, 2022.

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