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Why the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ Ireland Writing Retreat this month?

Fine writing, like any skill, requires constant practice.

From Ireland’s own popular thriller-writer, John Connolly, to England’s Lee Child to Dan Brown in the US, the hard-won advice from best-selling authors in all genres is basically the same, ‘If you want to be a writer, write.’ But sometimes simply sitting down to write can be the most challenging of chores – especially so if that distinctive magic is missing.

That’s why organizers of the unique ‘Ireland Writing Retreat,’ the only one on the Emerald Isle’s famous ‘Wild Atlantic Way,’ have gone to the trouble of searching high and low to discover not just a peaceful location where creativity can blossom in relatively undisturbed silence but also one that lies in the midst of an inspiring Irish landscape, a place where a combination of mountain, hill, glen, river, sea and island provide that necessary magic. In addition to having successful authors and well-trained coaches offer practical guidance on how to write well, they’ve gone one step further.

Participants enjoy a series of well-designed, exciting guided outings, by land and by boat – to enchanting sites soaked in stories of ancient Celtic legend and intriguing islands in the Atlantic just off west Donegal’s rugged coast. Here they not only learn about the culture and customs of the people of today and yesteryear but are tasked after each outing with writing inspired by their experiences – in the form of a short story or recollection, a chapter for a proposed book or in poetry.

These writings are then read by invited authors, discussed and critiqued in an all-encompassing, supportive group setting in the cozy rooms of Teac Jack, a warm, inviting boutique hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Excursions and activities during the week-long ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ include –

  • boat trips to either Gola or Tory Island – the former being the site where galleons of the Spanish Armada sank during an attempted invasion centuries ago and where Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have been inspired to write his classic tale, ‘Treasure Island;’ the latter where Ireland’s only King lives and where the Celtic legend of Balor of the Evil Eye and Lugh first began;

  • walks with expert guide, Seamus Doohan, near the majestic Errigal Mountain, formerly known as Lugh’s Mount after the Celtic Sun God, to beguiling places long associated with colorful Irish folklore;

  • exclusive concerts featuring prominent singers and musicians who not only perform their songs in a private setting for participants but also relate how they came to write them, where and how the inspiration for the lyrics arose;

  • dancing – participants will be taught the steps in Irish group dancing, then invited to enjoy a traditional Irish cèilidh;

  • complementing the dancing classes, participants will also be taught the basic phrases of the Irish language so by week’s end they’ll be able to use ‘cúpla focal;’

With all these enjoyable activities in mind and writing coaches from all genres of writing on hand to offer invaluable guidance, don’t hesitate, sign up now here

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