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Golden eagles and red deer await participants during travel writing retreat

Good news for participants to our mid-March travel retreat – majestic Glenveagh National Park, one of excursions they will enjoy during the retreat, has just been named one of Ireland’s most interesting tourism attractions.

glenveagh national park donegal, castles of ireland

It received a Gold Excellence Award and National Heritage Awards at the recent CIE International Awards of Excellence.

Glenveagh (from the Irish Gleann Bheatha, meaning 'glen of the birches’) is the second largest national park in Ireland. Located scenically on the shore of Lough Veagh (Loch Ghleann Bheatha), it is regarded as one of Ireland’s outstanding horticultural masterpieces, displaying a multitude of exotic and delicate plants from exotic places such as Chile, Madeira and Tasmania all sheltered by windbreaks of pine trees and ornamental rhododendrons.

Participants may also have the chance to see rare red deer and golden eagles as the park is home to the largest herd of this particular deer species in Ireland while the soaring birds of prey have been reintroduced to the park recently with much success.

Adding intrigue to interest, the national park is also home to the hauntingly beautiful Glenveagh Castle with its charming courtyards, walled garden, pleasure grounds and woodlands. The castle, through which participants will enjoy a special guided tour, was conceived as a ‘Camelot-style romantic retreat’ where an idyllic lifestyle was pursued by lovers of nature and art.

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