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Golf and creative writing – a glorious partnership

The term ‘golf widow’ as defined by The Free Dictionary is ‘a wife who is left alone much of the time because her husband is playing golf.’ Website The Golf Widow Club adds ‘playing’ doesn’t necessarily mean just the physical aspect,’ saying, “When he can’t physically go golfing, he mentally goes golfing and drifts away during conversations as he imagines his favorite hole on his favorite course, working out the variables of the green, the wind, the club, the distance.” It’s advice in such a dilemma: “Before you call a shrink, decide to get serious about a hobby you currently dabble in or get really crazy and pick up a pastime you’ve never tried before, learning a new skill will enrich your soul and invigorate your life.”

Well, guess what! There’s probably no better place to do that than at the ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ on the inspiring ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ in one of the most beautiful part of all Ireland, west Donegal.

Not only can participants at the writing retreat advance their writing skills assisted by experienced authors and become published authors themselves, but their partners can join them and enjoy their experiences equally as well. For there is not one, not two, not three, but four golf courses, including links, close to where the ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ takes place, namely…

This means partners can each pursue their own interests, one taking up the pen and the other the club, then share their thoughts in the evenings over a wonderful dinner. Who knows? Perhaps a best-selling novel – romance or thriller (even science fiction) – centering on golf could emerge from such a union of minds.

So, bring your partner along. Enjoy a vacation that suits both your relaxation needs. Sign up for Ireland’s newest and most innovative creative writing retreat now here.

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